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Genome Research Foundation (GRF) is Research And Development Supervision Institution of Agedit project. It is a non-profit research foundation and instute in Korea under the approval of the ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of Korea. GRF was established on 19 April 2010 and since then it taken research in genomics and bioinformatics. Its main research institute is Personal Genomics Institute (PGI) which performs research in genomics area for the general public and by the general public.


Jong Bhak

Jong Bhak is the PI of Agedit project. His researh interests are genomics of aging called "Geromics". For research, he tries to predict and prevent age-associated diseases such as cancer and dementia by using bioinformatics and genome engineering.

Agedit Project Team:

HyeJin Lee, OkSung Chung, JeHoon Jun, Suan Cho, Sungwoong Jho

Agedit Project Team members are researchers at GRF. HyeJin Lee, JeHoon Jun, OkSung Chung, and Sungwoongn Jho belong to the researh team at GRF. Suan Cho belongs to the server management team at GRF. The members have participated in the Korean Personal Genome Project (KPGP), PAN Asian Population Genomics Initiative (PAPGI), Tiger Genome Project, Variome Data Center, and the Korean Reference Genome Project.